LUGSTAR SPOT LB LED — a light fixture worth special attention

05 July 2017

Construction or renovation involves the replacement or installation of new lighting. One of the elements that particularly catches our attention is the lighting fixture. Its choice not only determines the lamp's functionality, but it is also an important detail that influences the aesthetics of the interior. That is why selecting such products as light fixtures is an important issue that should not be underestimated.

A light fixture suitable for offices, shopping centres and hotels.

When looking for a light fixture as an electrical installer or regular user, what do we pay most of our attention to? The majority will point to the price, which should be favourable and competitive against other products of that type in the market. For many people this will be the main factor, determining whether they buy a particular model or solution, or not. But is it really the most important criterion we should focus on in order to find an effective and reliable downlight fixture? This decision should also consider other requirements for such equipment, like lighting fixtures or other lighting components.

The best lighting solutions.lugstar-spot-down

As a leading manufacturer of lighting devices and systems on the European market, we are continuously improving our offer to meet the highest demands of our customers. We are able to handle all situations and find the best solution, regardless of the degree of complication, while our many years of experience allow us to provide comprehensive customer service.

If you’re performing a number of installation or replacement services concerning such elements as light fixtures, we’ve ensured that the products available in our portfolio are easy to install, maintenance-free and characterised by long life and luminous efficacy. We know very well that easy-to-use solutions are invariably popular among customers, and they work well both at home and in industrial environments. LUGSTAR SPOT LB LED combines all these features. It is a high quality product that offers both reliability and interesting design.

Ease and reliability.lugstar-spot-all

LUGSTAR SPOT LB LED is suitable for people who are looking for a functional and easy-to-use solution. Not everyone is a lighting expert and that’s why we propose, from everything that’s available, products like the aforementioned high quality lighting fixture. Thanks to its blade type mounting brackets, the installation of one fixture takes less than a minute. It’s an excellent solution if you don’t want to waste time on complicated and time-consuming assembly processes. You just need to grip the handles when inserting the fixture into a mounting hole, and the brackets will automatically fit into the surface.

See how to install the LUGSTAR SPOT LB LED fixture.


The lighting fixture with an aesthetic appearance.

The LUGSTAR SPOT LB LED fixture offered by our company not only means high performance and ease of use. The lighting element mentioned also features compact dimensions and an attractive design. Its small size (diameter: 170 mm) and 2 types of reflectors (faceted aluminium or white) make the light fixture fit well in any room, irrespective of whether it is decorated in a modern or traditional style. The fixture is perfect for lighting up shopping centres, museums, galleries, offices, hotels or public utility buildings, as well as halls and corridors. It is also suitable for home use. With its high IP 44, it can also be installed in toilets, making it a highly versatile product. Thanks to the use of plastic in the housing, the fixture is very light (0.4 kg) yet durable (IK 06), even in the most demanding conditions.

Top level resistance.lifetime

The LUGSTAR SPOT LB LED has a life of around 30,000 hours for L80B10 and its efficiency amounts to 93 lm/W, which, considering its compact size, is satisfactory and sufficient for the illumination of the surfaces dedicated to decorative light fixtures. The above listed characteristics make the light fixture one of the most popular solutions available on the market.

The LUGSTAR SPOT LB LED is an obvious and reliable choice when looking for a discrete downlight fixture offering a wide range of applications. The fixture is available in the ED and DALI variants. The manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty for the product.

Check out the technical data of LUGSTAR SPOT LB LED.

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