LUGBOX products are characterized by a perfect combination of high lighting performance, competetive prices, simple and thoughtful mounting and high stock availability. Portfolio LUGBOX includes downlights, modular luminaires, quick-assembly lines, spotlights, plafonds, hermetic and industrial luminaires. To see all luminaires from LUGBOX offer click here.

Buildings under modernization, new large projects or small investments, are an area of LUGBOX applications! Additionaly LUGBOX is a competitive prices, guarantee of cost optimization thanks to the maintenance-free operation with low electricity consumption. To see examples of projects using the luminaires LUGBOX click here.

LUGBOX luminaires are the best replacements for conventional technologies. Energy savings compared to traditional lighting solutions can reach up to 65%! Moreover the latest LED technology solutions ensure lifespan of LUGBOX products up to
50 000h (according to the standard L70B50).

LUGBOX brand is a part of the portfolio of LUG, a leading manufacturer of professional lighting fixtures. Thanks to innovation, continuous improvement of the quality of products, processes and services and the partnership approach to the clients, LUG is today one of the global suppliers of lighting solutions.

LUG provides professional lighting systems to more than 60 countries around the world for over 26 years. LUG company itself has branches in Poland, Germany, Ukraine, France, Great Britain, the United Arab Emirates and Brazil.

LUG has its own research and development infrastructure and luminaire laboratory. LUG offers optimal adjustment of the intensity of light to the needs, providing a balance between quality of light and energy efficiency.